Pilot Project for Charities

Working Together to Build a Sharing Platform to Help Charities

ihiveLIVE is in Beta Version 3.0 and it is being tested by a group of people ranging in ages and gender. Early results of our testing show that our sharing platform works as we envisaged it would, and we have made several purchases and successfully tested our reward systems for users and charities.

And while development work continues so does other work such as connecting with charities, businesses, affiliate network partners, and other parties who will all play an important role in making ihiveLIVE a success.

And this is where “you” come into the picture, and how you can help us today.

We are looking for charities to get on board with us now, who would be part of our Pilot Project for Charities, working in tandem with us as we continue to build our platform.  If you and your charity or cause believe that ihiveLIVE can provide real tangible benefits to your organization, then please consider working with us at this stage of our development.

Here are your next steps.

  1. Watch Our Video Presentation
    To fully understand how ihiveLIVE can benefit your charity, go here and scroll to the bottom of the page for the video Charities Presentations
  2. Email Us Your Interest
    If you would like to be a part of our Pilot Project for Charities, send an email to Guy Graveline at guyg@ihivelive.com with your name, the name of your charity and a phone number.
  3. The ihiveLIVE Ambassador Program — An Important Resource
    We have created an Ambassador program as well to support the involvement of, and to maximize the benefits for, your charity using ihiveLIVE. The role of Ambassador is explained on this page, and if you know someone who could serve in this capacity for your charity then this is where you start.
  4. Sign Up As an ihiveLIVE Member
    Take a moment to sign up yourself, as an ihiveLIVE member. Read the content on this page as it explains where we are in our development and how you are helping us make ihiveLIVE a reality.