Frequently Asked Questions for Charities

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by people. So if you have a question, have a look at the FAQs listed in this page – the answer you’re looking for might be there.

But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, then by all means feel free to contact us.

How does ihiveLIVE work?

Members create a profile that includes selecting a favourite charity. An ihiveLIVE Member chooses their personal purchasing preferences, then ihiveLIVE finds businesses that specifically satisfy those stated preferences. When Members become active participants on their ihiveLIVE page, and respond to their personalized advertising and merchandising offers, they generate revenue for their causes and themselves.

When our Members make a purchase, the merchant knows that it came from ihiveLIVE’s Sharing Platform because of the unique coding we provide and the link that the affiliated merchant has provided. The merchant pays a % of the sales to ihiveLIVE as a referral fee ; and ihiveLIVE then shares a percentage of the revenue it received with the Member. We plan to share up to 40% of every purchase made by an ihiveLIVE Member; 20% to the Member and 20% to their charity.

ihiveLIVE Members must share a minimum of 20% with their charity.  We believe that most people will elect to share the full 40% of their ihiveLIVE cash to their charity.

How does an ihiveLIVE Member select a charity?

When  a user signs up to become an ihiveLIVE Member there is a structured on-boarding process that they will follow which includes selecting a charity to share their cash rewards with. Every listing of a charity includes a link to that charities website. Once a Member selects a charity, they must keep this selection for 6 months, after which time the Member may choose to change to another charitable cause.

How do ihiveLIVE Members earn cash rewards?

Members earn cash from viewing and/or watching ads, answering surveys, engaging with brands, downloading games, redeeming coupons, and purchasing products and services.

How much money can my charity get?

Simple answer, it all depends on how many ihiveLIVE Members there are and how many of them decide to select your charity to donate their ihiveLIVE cash towards.  So, the more people we (and your organization) can attract to ihiveLIVE, the more the chances are increased that your charity will receive cash generated from the purchasing activities of our Members.

Can you give me some examples of the kind of revenue that can be generated and shared with a charity?

Example #1– Shoe Purchases:

An ihiveLIVE Member clicks on an offer from Adidas that they find on their MyMerchants page and it brings them to the Adidas website. The Member makes a purchase totaling $253.96. The commission that Adidas has for this purchase is 5 %.

ihiveLIVE receives 5% from Adidas for the sale. = $12.70.  This amount is then shared:

Member gets 20% = $2.54
Member’s charity/cause gets 20% = $2.54
ihiveLIVE retains 60% = $7.62

Example # 2 — Travel Purchase:

An ihiveLIVE Member wants to travel to Mexico, goes to their MyTravel page and clicks on a travel offer.  The Member makes a purchase totaling $2,660.34. The commission for this purchase is 10%.

ihiveLIVE receives 10% from the sale = $266.03.  This amount is then shared:

Member gets 20% = $53.20
Member’s charity/cause gets 20% = $53.20
ihiveLIVE retains 60% = $159.63

Example # 3 — Book Purchases

An ihiveLIVE Member goes to their MyMerchants  page, sees some deals from Amazon, clicks on one of the offers and while on the Amazon site, makes a purchase totaling $ 53.99.  Amazon gives a 4% commission for this purchase.

ihiveLIVE receives  4% from the sale = $2.15.  This amount is then shared:

Member gets 20% = $0.43
Member’s charity/cause gets 20% = $0.43
ihiveLIVE retains 60% = $1.29

For just these three purchases by an ihiveLIVE Member, a designated charity could receive $ 112.34.

Who is behind ihiveLIVE?

ihiveLIVE has been developed by Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies Inc., located in Niagara, Canada.  It is a strategic business unit of the company.

Tri-Media has been in business since 1986. We created the first virtual community in Canada, and we have made Canada’s Profit 200’s fastest growing company list  seven times.

Is there a cost for a charity to participate or to be included as a “charity for selection” in ihiveLIVE?

No, there is no obligation on the part of any charity, and it is free to everyone. Our sharing platform lists hundreds of charities across Canada, that our Members can learn more about and can select as their charity of choice for their financial contribution using ihiveLIVE dollars.

So what are the advantages if a charity registers with ihiveLIVE?

We encourage every charity to register with ihiveLIVE so that they can take full advantage of all of the benefits and features we can offer their organization, including:

  • Contact information of each of their ihiveLIVE donors (based on permission) amounts, and donation receipt information
  • Historical data on the total amount of money donated to their organization by ihiveLIVE Members
  • Historical data on the amount of money paid to their charity and relevant details for tracking
  • Ability to update and enhance your charity website links to our platform that best promotes
    the work of your charity.
  • Ability to create a social forum environment where they can communicate with ihiveLIVE Members who have indicated an interest in their charity and/or support them.