A Sharing Platform That Benefits Everyone

ihiveLIVE is a one-stop e-commerce based consumer portal, multi-dimensional in what it offers consumers, businesses and charities.


You choose your advertising and merchant offers: get rewarded for your activity and share your ihiveLIVE cash.


Imagine 1000’s of people sending their ihiveLIVE cash to their favourite charity each and every day.


Establish 1 to 1 personal relationships with consumers, create lifetime customers, be socially responsible.


Like Bees in a Hive, everyone working together to build an online community to dramatically effect social change.

A Unique Platform for “Giving Back”

The ihiveLIVE model provides clear leadership in philanthropy and exemplifies the importance of “giving back” to one’s community.

0 Businesses

We have onboarded a large pool of business as our affiliate partners.

0 Charities

We are extending support along with our customers in sharing what we get in ihiveLIVE.

ihiveLIVE is well positioned to take full advantage of the growing popularity of shopping online and the sharing economy. Our agile sharing platform is perfectly aligned with consumer and industry trends for the future.

Guy Graveline
President, ihiveLIVE Sharing Platform

Key Team Members

The people behind the idea

Albert Iannanutono Profile Picture
Albert Iannantuono

Albert is a pioneer in web-based marketing and technologies. With a track record of profitable ventures and global experience, his success can be attributed to his innate ability to spot trends and evolve at the speed of technology while consistently delivering value. He is a sought-after innovator and thought-leader in the field of integrated marketing technologies, satisfying clients, partners, stakeholders and investors alike.
He founded Tri-Media Marketing & Publicity Inc. in 1986 and pushed the boundaries and accelerated the evolution of agency marketing, integrated communications and digital strategy.

Albert Iannantuono
Guy Graveline Profile Picture
Guy Graveline

Guy has over 35 years public and private sector experience in marketing, advertising, communications, project management, public and media relations and business development. He has extensive expertise in strategic planning and delivering high impact, complex marketing and business initiatives involving stakeholders, partnerships and alliances, with specialized expertise in strategic planning and operational execution that integrate physical and virtual environments. In the past decade, much of his work has been in the area of digital marketing, website development, and social media.

Guy Graveline
Jason Weaver Profile Picture
Jason Weaver
Chief Product Officer

Jason is a seasoned entrepreneur and advisor for several technology companies, and he is considered an authority in social media and mobile marketing. He has founded and successfully exited from two technology companies including Shoutlet, a leading social media management platform. Jason is a recognized thought leader in product innovation, usability and entrepreneurship, and his experience and knowledge in Consumer Internet Enterprise Software, Mobile Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, and Lead Generation make him an ideal fit with ihiveLIVE.

Jason Weaver
Chief Product Officer
Kishore Balaraman Profile Picture
Kishore Balaraman
Director of Technology

Kishore has a Master Graduate degree in Computer Science from a university in the UK. A Senior Project Manager with Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies Inc. for the past 3 years, he has significant experience in project/product management and delivery, and he is our lead product development and delivery resource the ihiveLIVE sharing platform. Kishore's experience includes the design, creative management and delivery of our current Beta Version and he continues to drive product development including strategic design, problem-solving, scoping of future applications, resource management and recruitment

Kishore Balaraman
Director of Technology

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